Crystal Ocean

New Age, Crystals & Minerals

Julie Greensmith

Owner and Founder of Crystal Ocean


Julie founded Crystal Ocean in the year 2000. A lifelong interest in spirituality and a genuine love of assisting people in their own journeys make this venture a passion and a joy. Julie has run guided meditation groups for the past 25 years and has undertaken courses that include reiki, psychic development, mediumship, crystal healing, shamanism, singing bowls and spiritual development. Her natural ability to connect and warmth and understanding allows for a wonderful   in-store experience and usually a good chat!

Sarah Fletcher

Buyer and Merchandiser


A "creative type", Sarah completed a degree in Fine Art at the VCA in 2012, having been artistically prompted when working at an Ayers Rock Gallery. She went on to do some marketing work in the Uk in 2013. She is responsible for the Crystal Ocean logo and also the business name itself. Sarah likes to skip around the store frowning, re-arranging things & making a mess in the name of art. You'll catch her in store of a weekend. Sarah also does some buying for Crystal Ocean & if you are very nice she will throw in a bit of customer service here and there.

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